Tips for Helping Your Kids Use a Portable Restroom

Are you planning to go to a concert, wedding, or another outdoor event with your family? Whatever the occasion, chances are you’ll need a portable restroom at some point. If you have young children, this could potentially lead to some challenges.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With these tips for helping your kids use a portable restroom, you can ensure they have a safe and comfortable experience.

Explain the Purpose of a Portable Restroom

For young children, using a portable restroom may be confusing or even scary. Take the time to explain to them what it is and why it’s necessary. This will help ease their anxiety and make them more comfortable with the idea of using one.

Bring Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

When it comes to portable restrooms, safety and hygiene are of utmost importance. While most rental companies ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of their units, bringing hand sanitizer and wipes with you is always a good idea. These can come in handy for cleaning hands and surfaces before and after using the restroom.

Consider Using a Child-Sized Seat

If your child is still learning to use the toilet, bringing along a child-sized seat can be helpful. This will make it easier for them to sit comfortably and reduce the risk of accidents. It will also help prevent exposure to germs and bacteria.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Potty training can be a challenging process, and using a portable restroom may present some difficulties for your child. Therefore, it’s essential to use positive reinforcement and praise them for their efforts. This will boost their confidence and make them more willing to use a portable restroom in the future.

Be Ready To Assist If Necessary

Using a portable restroom can be challenging, especially for young kids. Although a quality portable toilet rental service will make the task much easier, you should still be prepared to offer assistance if necessary. While it’s good to have them try on their own, they shouldn’t feel embarrassed if they need some help getting into the unit, onto the toilet, or cleaning up when finished.

Ensure Your Child Is Safe and Comfortable

No matter what type of event you’re attending, it’s important to help your kids when they use a portable restroom, especially if they’re younger. This will ensure their safety and help them with any difficulties they may face.

With these tips in mind, you can confidently take your kids on any outdoor adventure without worrying about restroom breaks.

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