Everything You Want to Know About Porta‑Potties

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d like to know more about porta-potties” but weren’t sure where to go to learn more? Well, we here at Reliable Portable Bathrooms have got you covered! Our years of expertise as the leading portable bathroom rental company in Phoenix have shown us the need to put together a handy-dandy list of Pora-Potty facts. Let’s dive into some of the questions that will help you become a portable bathroom genius!

Why is the Liquid Blue?

The blue liquid in porta-potties used to be formaldehyde-based, but when states started outlawing the use of formaldehyde in portable toilets to prevent it from going to wastewater treatment plants that were unequipped to handle it, companies had to start using a new solution.

Nowadays, the blue liquid used is safer for people and the environment alike. So, what is it? It is a mix of chemical biocides that kill the bacteria from human waste, fragrance, and blue dye. The biocides are the active ingredient, and the smell and the color are there to simply mask the presence of human waste.

Similar to windshield washer fluid, the formula can change depending on the season. Here in Phoenix, Arizona, where summertime temps regularly top 100 degrees, the blue liquid is often made stronger to combat the hot temps (to help mask the smells of course).

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Can they handle a #2?

There’s no getting around this question when it comes to portable restrooms. Everybody poops…and people can, and should, poop in porta-potties. Portable bathrooms are equipped to handle both #1 and #2. A toilet does not need to flush for you to poop. That’s the beauty of renting a portable bathroom for your event…when you have to go, you have to go! And a portable bathroom will be there for you regardless of which business needs going!

Where does the waste go?

The waste that is deposited in the portable toiled is pumped out using a specialized truck. The waste is then aggregated and brought to a wastewater treatment plant. At the plant, heavy solids are removed, and the remaining liquid is treated with chemicals and UV lights to kill the bacteria. The resulting water is clean and ready to be sent back to nearby water sources.

Can you fall into a portable bathroom?

It is rare and nearly impossible, for a human adult to fall or fit into a portable bathroom’s tank. However, while an adult might not fall in easily, others things can! Whenever you enter to use a portable bathroom, hold onto your belongings tightly, as they can easily, and most often, end up mistakenly in portable toilets. Some of the most common items that are dropped in our wallets, lip gloss, feminine products, and even phones can end up floating in the blue liquid.

How Often are Portable Restrooms Cleaned?

We often ask, “how often are porta-potties cleaned?” It depends on where the portable bathroom is located. Portable bathrooms in parks or trails are serviced less frequently because they are used less often than, say, a portable bathroom at a music festival for a weekend. Festivals and other multi-day events will see portable restrooms pumped regularly throughout the event to keep them in good working condition.

For single-day events, weddings, graduation parties, tailgates, and fundraisers are serviced before and after each event. These rentable bathrooms are dropped off in squeaky clean conditions, fully stocked with towels and sanitize, and ready for use. Then, after the event concludes, they’re hauled away to get them cleaned and sanitized for their following location.

Porta-Potties Tip-Over While I am Inside?

It may feel like a nightmare thinking of a porta-potty tipping over when you are inside it. But rest assured for those weary of this happening, a portable bathroom will not tip over without an outside force. Heavy winds can tip them over while vacant or occupied. That’s why we advise against using them during strong storms. They can also tip over if they’re placed on uneven or soft ground. Mud, sand, and other ground prone to sinking can allow portable toilets to shift, and perhaps fall over.

However, the number reason portable bathrooms fall over is vandalism. So the biggest risk of being inside a portable bathroom that falls over typically happens when you are around bad company with ill intentions.

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There you have it! Did you learn everything you wanted to know about portable bathrooms? If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us! If you’re ready to rent a portable bathroom for your next event in the Phoenix area, click here for a free quote!