Phoenix Porta-Potty Rentals for Beginners

Are you in the market to rent a porta-potty in Phoenix? Is this your first time? Then, you’re in the right place! Reliable Portable Bathrooms has a reputation for helping experienced or amateur event planners in Phoenix rent the correct type of portable bathroom for their events. Follow our guide here to help you determine what you’ll need, what questions you should ask yourself, and how Reliable Portable Bathrooms in Phoenix can provide the best portable bathroom for your needs!

How Many Portable Bathrooms Do You Need?

When you’re planning an event, large or small, the first thing you’ll need to figure out is how many portable toilets you will need. It comes down to math in our experience. Your needs will be determined by the number of guests and how long the event will last. Obviously, bigger events will need more bathrooms, but what most people tend to forget is that longer events will need more porta potties as well. Unlike indoor functions that have regular plumbing, outdoor events utilize portable toilets that have a set capacity.

Here’s a handy guide to help you determine how many porta potties you’ll need for your event:

  • 0-50 People: 1 unit for 1-3 hour events; 2 units for 6-10 hour events
  • 51-100 people: 2 units for 1-3 hour events; 3 units for 6-10 hour events
  • 101-250 people: 3 units for 1-3 hour events; 4 units for 6 hours; 6 units for 10 hours
  • 251-500 people: 3 units for 1 hour; 4 units for 3 hours; 7 units for 6 hours; 12 units for 6 hours
  • 501-1000 people: 4 units for 1 hour; 8 for 3 hours; 9 for 6 hours; 13 for 10 hours
  • 1001-5000 people: 12 units for 1 hour; 20 for 3 hours; 38 for 6 hours; 63 for 10 hours

The next thing you’ll want to think about related to the number of toilets you’ll need to rent is where they will be placed. Placing bathrooms across a wider area will require more units as well. Whether you plan to have multiple banks of toilets in different locations, or many individual restrooms spread out over the whole premises, you will want to increase your rental number to accommodate your plan.

Decide on the Type of Portable Bathroom You Want

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Reliable Portable Bathrooms has a multitude of rentable porta-potties. From basic units to more luxury-type units. You can choose from standard units, ADA Compliant units, Superior Units, High Rise Units, and Premium Units. You can see our entire list of portable bathrooms for rent in Phoenix at this link.

You can even consider renting additional add-ons such as a hand-washing unit, so you’re not constantly having to replace/replenish hand sanitizer.

Obviously your event needs and budget will likely dictate which of these options would be a better fit.

Choose the Best Phoenix Portable Bathroom Rental Company

Reliable Portable Bathrooms in Phoenix

Once you know what you want and how many you need, determine who you’ll use to service your event. Make a list of local providers and call or email each one to check availability for your date. We clearly biased when it comes to this, so make sure to have Reliable Portable Bathrooms in Phoenix at the top of your list when you start exploring your options.

Here are some tips for when you start shopping around

  • Inquire about pricing and determine if there’s a way to get more value for your budget.
  • Ask about all available rentable bathroom options
  • What add-ons do they provide?
  • Will they drop off, service, and pick up the units?

If they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, give them a chance to suggest a substitution. During the busy summer months, it may be difficult to get what you want when you want it. Be open to selecting a different style if that’s what the provider recommends.

Reliable Portable Bathrooms: Porta-Potties for Rent in Phoenix

Reliable Portable Bathrooms in Phoenix provide a wide range of porta-potties for rent. We take pride in providing you with the perfect portable bathroom for your event and your guests. To learn more about our service offerings, contact us directly or request a free quote!