Tips to Renting Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms can turn an event, park, or construction site into an enjoyable and comfortable experience for all involved. Here, we will cover the top 5 tips to figure out when it comes to renting a portable restroom. If you’d rather skip ahead and get right browsing our portable bathroom rental options, click the link.


Knowing how many people will be attending your event will determine which type of portable bathroom to rent. By having an accurate headcount, you’ll be better able to plan just how many units you need.

When it comes to private events, such as a wedding, you may not always know the number of people attending. Therefore, we suggest you inform your porta-potty rental company of the number of guests invited. Then, our sales professionals will ensure you have enough bathroom units for all attendees.

For public events, such as festivals, it is best to use past attendance numbers to provide a solid estimate. However, as a general rule, we encourage adding a 10% buffer to ensure enough bathrooms, just in case. Remember, you can never have too many portable restrooms, but you can have too few!

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In order to get the most accurate quote for portable bathroom rentals, you’ll want to know when your event will be held. It is always best to pick a backup date in case the vendors are unavailable for your first choice date. When setting a date, consider any holidays and local events that might conflict and possibly make it more expensive to rent bathroom units.


Another important factor when determining the number of portable restrooms you’ll need for your event or worksite is how long you will need them. Our technicians will provide on-site service and cleaning of the portable bathrooms for larger events. Emptying waste tanks and refilling supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer will keep the units ready for continued use. Many people assume that portable restroom service is only needed for multi-day events like a festival or carnivals. However, longer events may need this type of maintenance, especially if a low number of units are in use.


The most crucial aspect of securing portable restrooms is figuring out where your event will be. Reliable Portable Bathrooms is proud to provide portable bathroom rentals in Phoenix and the surrounding Valley of the Sun area. We are able to serve Phoenix proper and the neighboring cities such as Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Peoria, and more. Contact us to learn more about where we provide bathroom rentals in Arizona.


When you are searching for portable bathroom rentals, knowing which amenities are important for your event will help determine which type of bathroom rental units will best suit your needs. If the event is simple or solely will require a simple toilet, then a standard porta potty will work. However, we always encourage our customers to consider our superior, or luxury portable restroom units as they are equipped with additional features and have additional add-ons that will make your guests feel comfortable.

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