Deluxe Unit


  • Height: 90’
  • Width: 44’
  • Depth: 48’
  • Capacity: 80 gallons


Our Deluxe units are the most popular solution for users that want the strongest and most reliable units we offer. The Deluxe unit features both comfort and convenience and is backed by our 10-Point Reliable Service Plan to ensure cleanliness throughout your rental period. Everything in the deluxe unit is built to last through constant rough use, while at the same time offering a new level of comfort and spaciousness. The deluxe units’ walls are double insulated and provide cooler temperatures while inside.

The Deluxe unit is designed to last and keep you comfortable, and is suited great for long term use.

  • ALL Deluxe portable bathrooms are made of stronger plastic hinges that do not bend
  • Hands-free lock/unlock with hover handle built in
  • Seat lock system
  • Hands free open and close
  • 3-roll paper holder
  • Very sturdy and useful coat/utility hook
  • Hand sanitizer mounting location
  • Ultra-strong corners withstand heavy ratchet strapping
  • Side seat for extra leg room

Optional upgrades include:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Containment Tray
  • Disposable Paper Seat Covers
  • Stabilizing Stakes
  • Sink
  • Shelving with Coat Hook
  • Shelving
  • Paper Towel Dispenser