How To Determine the Number of Portable Restrooms To Rent

The most critical aspects of planning an event are ordering and receiving the right number of portable restrooms. Too few, and you risk long lines and dissatisfied attendees. Too many, and you could be wasting valuable space. Keep reading to learn how to determine the right number of portable restrooms to rent for your next event.

Assess Event Size and Duration

The size of your event is arguably the most significant factor in determining how many portable restrooms you will need. The more attendees you expect, the more portable restrooms you should order. A general rule of thumb is to have at least one restroom for every 50–75 people for events lasting up to four hours. For longer events, the number increases to account for repeated use. For example, a 12-hour outdoor concert requires more facilities than a three-hour corporate event.

Think About the Nature of the Event

Different types of events have varying restroom needs. A formal event, like a wedding or gala, may require more units per guest to avoid long waits. Conversely, a casual outdoor gathering may not necessitate as many. Events with food and drinks, especially alcohol, will also increase the need for restrooms due to higher consumption rates.

Factor in Demographics and Accessibility Needs

The demographic of your attendees can influence your restroom needs. Events attended by families with young children or elderly individuals may require more facilities to accommodate frequent use. Don’t forget to provide wheelchair-accessible porta potties to ensure everyone can enjoy your event.

Consider Local Regulations and Recommendations

Some jurisdictions have requirements for the number of restrooms based on the size and type of event. Always check these guidelines when planning your event. Adhering to these regulations ensures a compliant and hassle-free event.

Now that you know how to determine the number of portable restrooms to rent, you can successfully plan your next event. Aside from these tips, consulting a reputable company that offers porta-potty rental services, like Reliable Portable Bathrooms, can provide additional insights and recommendations for your event. They can help with logistics, placement, and even maintenance during the event, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Plan smartly, and create an event that leaves everyone satisfied and comfortable.

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