Best Practices for Porta Potty Placement

When planning an event or mapping out a construction site, one of the most important considerations is where to place your porta potties. This may seem like a small detail, but placement can make a huge difference in the success and convenience of your event or project. We believe in placing your rental units in strategic locations to ensure user satisfaction. We’ll take the time to explore the best practices for porta-potty placement.

Consider the Accessibility Needs

The first step in determining where to place your porta potties is to think about the accessibility needs of your guests or workers. Individuals with limited mobility need easy access to the restrooms.

Consider placing your ADA-compliant rental units near the main entrance of the site or in areas that are easily accessible for all. If the space is small, consider setting up your rentals in two locations so you can accommodate everyone.

Keep Them Close, But Not Too Close

It’s important to keep your porta potties close to the action of your event or construction work for convenience, but you don’t want them too close. No one wants to be in the middle of a lively event or trying to work on a construction project with porta potties right next to them.

Find a balance by placing the units nearby yet out of the way. The professional service provider you rent the units from can help you determine the ideal distance once they see your site for themselves.

Avoid Obstructions

When choosing a location for your porta potties, ensure they are not obstructed by obstacles, such as trees, buildings, or large equipment. This will make it easier for users to access the restrooms, preventing frustration and confusion. You should also place the handwashing stations nearby, though this may require you to consider your surroundings further.

Think About Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is another important factor to consider. You don’t want your porta potties to be in a high-traffic area where they may cause congestion or become an obstacle for people. Be mindful of where people will be walking, and place the restrooms off to the side of that path. Ideally, placing the units alongside the main traffic flow could benefit users and create more ease when entering and exiting the units.

Provide Ample Lighting

If your event or construction site will be active at night, it’s important to provide ample lighting around the porta potties. This not only ensures safety for users but also makes it easier to find and use the restrooms in the dark. Adding lighting is a best practice we always recommend when considering porta-potty placement because some venues or work sites have permanent light fixtures, while others may need additional lights.

Reliable Portable Bathrooms is a reputable handicap porta potty rental service provider. We follow strict industry regulations for sanitization and adhere to best practices for placement and extras. Partner with us for your next event so your guests are happy and the event is successful.

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