Ultimate Convenience: GPS-Equipped Bathroom Trailers

When it comes to optimizing efficiency and ensuring a smooth workflow at construction sites, every detail matters. At Reliable Portable Bathrooms, we’re excited to introduce a groundbreaking solution tailored exclusively for these applications and designed with ultimate convenience: GPS-equipped custom bathroom trailers.

Revolutionized GPS Tracking Solutions

Imagine a construction site where you’re in complete control, without any guesswork about the location of your bathroom facilities. With our state-of-the-art GPS technology, you won’t need to make calls to track down our trailers. We know exactly where they are at all times, thanks to our advanced GPS system. This revolutionary feature translates into a hassle-free construction site management experience, offering unparalleled convenience.

Our bathroom trailers are not just technologically advanced—they’re also meticulously designed to meet the unique demands of construction environments. Crafted with precision, our custom-made trailers redefine on-site sanitation. Equipped with high-capacity toilets, practical handwashing stations, and ample space, they provide a level of comfort that’s unmatched in the industry.

Bathroom Trailers Over Portable Units

Why opt for a custom bathroom trailer over traditional portable restrooms? The answer lies in the seamless blend of mobility and ease of use. Our trailers are designed to move with ease within the construction site, adapting to your evolving needs. This mobility ensures that your crew always has access to clean, well-maintained facilities, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity. The trailer was designed with the user in mind. The trailer lays flat on the ground when set up, meaning there’s no need for stairs to get in or a jack stand that can break mid-use!

Our Reliable Options for All Applications

Here at Reliable Portable Restrooms, we ensure every application has the successful tools they need to maintain proper and safe sanitation efforts. If a GPS-equipped bathroom trailer is not on your radar, we offer a wide variety of other options that are up to par for safety, sanitization, and amenities. All our restroom units serve applications outside of construction demands, including large events, family reunions, weddings, community living renovation projects, disaster relief, and so much more.

The Deluxe Unit

Our deluxe units are one of the more popular options for non-construction applications, as renters and users alike find them to be reliable, durable, and spacious. Our extensive 10-Point Reliable Service Plan supports these units, and they feature unmatched comfort and convenience. These units have double-walled insulation to help maintain comfortable internal temperatures throughout their use. The deluxe unit serves a typical 40-hour work week with up to 10 employees. More units may be necessary as the criteria changes.

ADA Bathroom Unit

Our ADA bathroom units pave the way for accommodation and comfort. Each of our ADA units features wide doorways and easy entryways to deter accidents or safety hazards. Upon entering the bathroom, users find they have the spatial capacity to meet unique demands, including turning around in a wheelchair as needed. These units offer all individuals the ability to meet their needs without worry from wheelchair users, walker-assisted individuals, or caregivers and children using the unit together. In each of our ADA bathroom units, you can expect the following:

  • Anti-slip flooring and surfaces
  • Occupancy indicators
  • Non-flushing toilets
  • Two to three rolls of two-ply tissue
  • Optimal interior space

Special Event Bathroom Unit

Our special event bathroom unit is a unique offer that we have that serves a wide range of applications, which makes it one of the most popular options in our inventory. These units bring comfort and convenience to large parties, home construction projects, medium-sized events, and more. These units are also supported by our 10-Point Reliable Service Plan and feature optimal leg room for maximum comfort while in use.

Our most loved feature with the special event bathroom unit is the corner-installed toilet arrangement. This design layout allows users to enter and exit the bathroom unit with more ease and offers them increased spatial capacity while using the restroom. Additionally, users can expect to look forward to the occupancy indicator, anti-slip flooring surfaces, a non-splash urinal, and ample ventilation for breathability.

How Our Trailer Compares to Our Stationary Units

Our portable restroom trailer rental features advanced GPS technology, ensuring you can always know its location, whether you’re with the trailer or not. We use this technology to access the unit when necessary and ensure it’s properly cleaned and sanitized for every renter. Users sometimes have concerns about safety with entering and exiting trailers, but these units sit flush on the ground regardless of their trailer setup.

Unlike our restroom trailers, our stationary units do not sit on trailers or feature GPS technology. These units serve their purpose for general events such as parties, weddings, renovation projects, and quick temporary rental needs. Meanwhile, our restroom trailer will move with your workers. This is an advantage for settings such as construction sites because as the job evolves and the daily demands change, the crew’s location may not always be the same. Taking the unit with your crew ensures they always have restroom access, and we always know where the unit lands. It’s a win for everybody!

Reliable Services With Reliable Portable Bathrooms

Reliability and convenience are at the forefront of our service. Our custom bathroom trailers feature GPS technology, ensuring that supervisors don’t have to worry about tracking down facilities. This GPS advantage streamlines operations and allows your team to focus on what they do best: construction. Not only do we know where the units are located, but when trailers are on schedule, you can rest assured that they will be serviced even if you do not know where they are.

Whether your construction project is large or small, our GPS-equipped custom bathroom trailers offer the mobility, comfort, and ultimate convenience you need. Choose Reliable Portable Bathrooms as your partner in enhancing the efficiency and comfort of your construction site. Experience the future of on-site sanitation with our innovative solutions.

Not working on a construction site? No worries. We’re here for all your applications and needs, and our extensive inventory of bathroom units can help. Partner with a member of our experienced staff today to discuss your options.

Ultimate Convenience: GPS-Equipped Bathroom Trailers

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