Keeping Porta Potties Comfortable in the Arizona Heat

While the Arizona heat brings a rolling sweat to everyone’s forehead, this does not deter people from attending or hosting events and gatherings. From birthdays to graduations to festivals, life continues even as the sun shines brightly and brings the heat.

A primary staple at most of these events is a porta potty; everyone needs it to find relief. How do you keep a porta potty comfortable in Arizona heat? These units can trap heat and odors, and they can worsen in hot, sunny climates. We’ll explore a few ways to combat these issues.

Take Advantage of Shady Areas

Investing in climate-controlled units is not always feasible. If you can take advantage of shady areas, then you’ll significantly reduce the sun’s impact on your portable restrooms. If your event space lacks shade, consider using pop-up canopies, tents, or awnings. Shade is shade, whether it’s from a tree or a tarp!

Keep It Clean, Keep It Cool

Cleanliness is imperative for keeping porta potties comfortable! Keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance of your restrooms so your guests don’t have to deal with unpleasant odors or unsanitary conditions. Hot temperatures and a lack of airflow are breeding grounds for undesirable conditions.

Your guests might avoid the units or complain about their state if they visit a porta potty that’s long overdue for a cleaning. It’s also important to use a quality deodorizer to eliminate smells. They work well when the unit remains clean.

Don’t Skimp on Supplies

To ensure a comfortable experience for your guests in the Arizona heat, provide all the necessary supplies for the porta potties. This includes toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and sanitary wipes. These supplies will give your guests the convenience and comfort they need when using your restrooms.

You may also invest in portable sink rentals to allow guests to use running water and soap to wash their hands throughout the event and after using the restrooms. This rental can provide security around sanitization efforts for everyone. They can also reduce the risk of spreading germs on a hot day.

Invest Your Time and Money Wisely

Wisely investing your time and money is important for porta potty rentals. Choose a provider with high sanitization standards so the units are ready for use when they arrive on-site. This can help you understand the baseline standards for cleanliness.

Ask the rental company about standards, how they service units, and ventilation systems. Choosing the cheapest service or unit does not mean you’re getting the best deal. Vet all providers before coming to a decision.

Reliable Portable Bathrooms can help you keep your porta potties comfortable in the Arizona heat with our standards and high-quality equipment. Partner with us today to create a custom rental for your next hot event!

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