Important Questions To Ask When Renting a Portable Restroom

Are you in need of a standard portable toilet rental for your upcoming event or project? Before committing to a provider, you should ask the right questions to ensure compatibility. Knowing how compatible you and the provider are will guarantee you receive the appropriate equipment and superior service while avoiding unnecessary or unexpected issues. Below, we dive into a few important questions to ask when renting a portable restroom for your event!

What Type of Portable Restrooms Do You Offer?

You should know the types of portable restrooms the rental company offers. Are they all standard units, or do they also provide luxury or ADA-compliant options? If you need specialized portable restrooms, asking this question will help weed out incompatible providers.

How Many People Will the Unit Accommodate?

The capacity of the portable restrooms is crucial to consider, especially for larger events or projects. Make sure to ask about the maximum number of people that can use the unit at once and if there are any recommended guidelines for usage. Some providers rent multi-unit trailers, whereas others offer just single-use portables. Understand these differences when renting portables, and ensure the provider can accommodate you appropriately.

How Often Do You Clean and Service Units?

Hygiene is a top priority when it comes to portable restrooms. Ask about the company’s cleaning schedule and if they provide any additional cleaning services during the rental period. You should also know how quickly they can respond to any maintenance issues that may arise.

What Does the Rental Fee Include?

Clarify what exactly the rental fee includes. Does the company provide toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other necessary supplies? Are there any additional fees for delivery, setup, or removal? Knowing this information helps you avoid unexpected costs and creates transparency between you and the provider.

Do You Have Any Customer Reviews or References?

Research the company, and ask for prior customer reviews or local references. This will give you an idea of the provider’s reliability and standards. You can also ask local friends or colleagues who have rented portable restrooms in the past. If you’re eyeing a specific provider, visit their site to read reviews from past customers.

These important questions to ask when renting a portable restroom will help you ensure a successful project or event. Here at Reliable Portable Bathrooms, you can rest assured your needs and guests are in the best of hands with our standard portable toilet rentals. Use our event estimator calculator today to get started on your custom quote!

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