How Often are Portable Bathrooms Cleaned?

Cleaning of Portable Bathrooms

When a portable bathroom is serviced the waste is removed, odor neutralizing blue liquid is re-added to the tanks, and supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer are stocked. That’s how they’re serviced, but the question remains, how often does a portable toilet need to be pumped out?

As a general rule, porta-potties that are located in consistent locations, such as construction sites and parks, should be pumped and serviced once a week. However, there are a few mitigating factors that can influence how often a portable bathroom should be serviced. We answer those questions below.

High Traffic/Use

A portable bathroom in high traffic areas that are used frequently may need to be serviced more often compared to those that are not used as frequently. Depending on the number of people using the facilities, the porta-potty may need to be pumped as much as three or four times a week to keep them in good working order. Remember, your portable bathroom cleaning service schedule can be modified as needed!

The risk you run of not servicing them often enough is that they can fill up. Then comes the foul stench, which will discourage people from using them. This can cause people to either leave or worse, use the bathroom somewhere on the premises not designated for bathroom use.

Number of Porta-Potties on Site

In areas where there are fewer portable bathrooms, those units will need to be pumped more frequently. If you do not want to have them pumped and serviced as frequently, consider renting additional portable restrooms to spread out usage more.

A simple guide to know how many units you might need is to have one portable bathroom for every 10 full-time construction employees (for construction sites). For events, you should have two portable bathrooms for every 50 guests per 6-10 hours.

High Temperatures

High temperatures are something every Phoenix resident can relate to…and it applies to how often a porta potty should be serviced too! When you rent a portable bathroom in Phoenix, you should plan on having it serviced relatively often; twice a week at least.

The higher the temperatures the more likely the deposited waste is to start smelling. This will require the unit(s) to be pumped more frequently. Nobody wants to use a porta-potty when they can hardly breathe because of the stink!

Reliable Portable Bathrooms: Phoenix Porta-Potties for Rent

So, how often does a portable toilet need to be pumped out? The answer is, it depends on who’s using them, how many you have, and what the conditions look like. If you have any questions, consult with your portable restroom service provider. To learn more about our portable bathrooms for rent in Phoenix or for a free porta-potty quote, click the links!