Guide to Choosing the Right Portable Restroom for Your Event

Portable restrooms are critical to maintaining comfort and hygiene at any event. However, selecting the right portable restroom involves more than just picking the first unit that looks nice. In this guide to choosing the right portable restroom for your event, we’ll look at some considerations you should keep in mind when selecting a porta potty.

Assess Your Event’s Needs

The first step in selecting the right portable restrooms for your event is understanding your bathroom needs. Consider the type of event you are hosting, its duration, and the expected turnout. The longer your event is and the more guests in attendance, the more units you will need to avoid long lines and discomfort.

Consider Accessibility

Portable restrooms come in various designs, all with different features. If you’re holding a public event or know you will have guests with disabilities in attendance at your private gathering, it’s important to ensure that you rent ADA-compliant units. These units are designed to accommodate mobility devices and come equipped with other features to help those who need assistance. Staying ADA-compliant will keep your event’s restrooms accessible to everyone attending and ensure you meet legal requirements for public events.

Stay on Budget

Determine your budget for restroom facilities early in your event planning. Remember to include the rental cost and delivery, setup, cleaning, and removal fees. Each type of unit will be priced differently—and prices can vary between portable restroom rental companies—so remember to consider the overall expense as you select a unit. A reputable rental company can provide a transparent breakdown of costs, helping you select the perfect portable restroom for your event.

Selecting the ideal portable restrooms for your gathering involves thoughtful planning and consideration of various factors. With this guide to choosing the right portable restroom for your event, you can select the perfect unit for your needs. If you would like further assistance, contact our team at Reliable Portable Bathrooms. We can help you find the ideal porta potty rental for weddings and other events.

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