A Guide to Portable Restrooms at Spring Festivals

Spring is here, and so is festival season. Whether you plan to attend a small local music performance or travel for a large event, chances are you’ll need to use a porta-potty at some point during the show. We’ve put together a guide to portable restrooms at spring festivals to help you navigate this unique bathroom situation.

Time Your Bathroom Breaks

Plan your bathroom breaks in advance to avoid long lines or emergency bathroom runs. Lines tend to be longer after popular acts leave the stage, so consider using the bathroom while a lesser-known band is performing. You might not be able to completely avoid waiting for a porta-potty, but you can limit the time you spend in line.

Use the Buddy System

If you’re attending a festival with a group, plan to go on bathroom breaks with a friend. A standard porta-potty is a small space, so it helps to have a friend there to hold onto your belongings. Staying with a buddy also keeps you safe when walking in darker, unfamiliar areas, such as festival grounds at night.

Avoid the Dreaded Phone-in-Toilet Catastrophe

Once the sun sets, you may be tempted to use your phone as a flashlight in the porta-potty. However, this can lead to you dropping your phone into the toilet. Keep your phone safe by bringing a headlamp-style flashlight for that will make it easier to navigate porta-potties without lighting.

Wash Your Hands

Remember to practice good hygiene after using a portable restroom. Use a handwashing station or hand sanitizer to clean your hands before heading back to the performance. Skimping on hygiene in an effort to catch another band may be tempting, but taking time to wash your hands will keep you and the people around you healthy.

Now that you have a guide to portable restrooms at spring festivals, you can spend less time worrying about festival porta-potties and more time deciding which musicians you want to see next.

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